Custom Credit Card processing solutions (No one size fits all)

  • POS Hardware FREE, A full robust suite of POS systems
  • A full suite of Credit Card Terminals
  • Custom mobile solutions
  • Custom E Commerce solutions to fit your store front or business
  • Recurring Billing
  • Custom billing software solutions
  • Custom invoicing and customer pay tabs on your website
  • Breach warranty insurance
  • Custom gift card solutions with and without cards
  • Custom loyalty solutions with or without cards

    Online Reporting

    Online reporting is a secure, fast, and convenient way to access your processing data anytime, anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Robust reporting features combined with easy navigation offer a detailed accounting of all your merchant activity, down to an individual transactions.










    Dual Pricing

    Still accept credit cards while savings up to 99% in expensive credit card processing costs!


    Save 90%


    Legal in all 50 states


    No hidden fees


    No need for price adjustments


    Allows you to accept multiple payment methods

    Mobile Payments

    Mobile Payments can be a great asset to your small business by increasing profits, decreasing costs and reaching a greater audience. Today’s marketplace has changed – people have the ability to do most of their daily tasks straight from their mobile phones. Your business has to tailor itself to new modes of accessibility.

    Mobile Payments not only allows your customers to use their smartphones or tables to make payments, but it allows you to use your own mobile devices as point-of-sale locations. Payments Doctors can add mobile processing to your existing account or assist you in setting up a new account. Either way, our goal is to make it easy for your business to be accessible to your customers.


    If you are looking for an affordable e-commerce merchant account with an easy-to-use payment gateway, then look no further than our I-terminal. Why go to multiple companies to get a complete e-commerce solution? Payments Doctors gives you everything you need to succeed. There is no easier way to sell products and services online.


    Total Package – The complete e-commerce solution.


    Internet Payment Gateway – Our Orbital Internet Payment Gateway integrates with your website to provide secure e-commerce transactions.


    Virtual Point-of-Sale – Use your computer as a point-of-sale terminal and get card swipe rates for your qualified retail transactions.


    MOTO Virtual Terminal – Mail Order?Telephone Order merchants can easily enter and process transactions real-time via the Internet.


    Batch Upload – You can process one-time or recurring offline credit card payments by loading transactions through the secure Batch Upload Gateway.

    Loyalty Program

    One of the most important parts of any small business is keeping your customers attracted to your brand. Loyal customers are more likely to spend more time and money with your business and also have the added benefit of acting as ambassadors for your business. Word of mouth can solidify your brand’s image. Why not hoop up your customers with awesome benefits that will keep them giving you praises?

    One of the easiest ways to keep customers coming back is by rewarding them with a loyalty program. A loyalty program can quickly bring you more profits, more attention, and more repeat visits.

    Payments Doctor’s loyalty programs are easy to integrate and provide you with a broad array of data from each transaction. Using our system, neither you nor your customers are required to make any big behavior changes. Just take down a customer’s email address and our program will connect it to their credit card, making sure all their transactions are linked.

    Once you set up an offer, it will automatically disperse to anyone who qualifies, such as new customers or those who have referred other customers. By offering rewards to frequent customers, you guarantee repeat visits and build a base of extremely loyal customers.

    Payments Doctor’s loyalty program has low start-up costs and low monthly fees. Let Payments Doctors help you create a strong and loyal customer base with one of our loyalty programs today.

    Clover Payment Solutions

    Part of Payments Doctors roster of POS solutions includes the Clover POS System, offering a cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer and bar code scanner with an array of apps that go beyond payment functionality.

    With Clover Station, Clover Mini, or Clover Mobile, you can accept not only credit, debit, and cash transactions, but EMV, Apple Pay and Android Pay as well. Manage tips, tabs, and authorizations with your all-in-one Clover POS service. Grant refunds with ease. Synch with cloud computing and other tools, such as your customer loyalty program.

    Why you should use Payments Doctors

    We provide customers with a variety of credit cards based on the convenience of work.

    • The great thing about being locally owned is you can deal with us directly.
    • Applying for a merchant account is fast and simple
    • Funds are transferred to your bank within 24 hours
    • Unlimited Card Processing
    • $100,000 Breach Warranty
    • Customer Service
    • $aving$
    • 5 Star Rating
    • Quick Turnaround
    • Dedicated Support