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Payment solutions for every business. As business owners, we understand the difficulties and challenges of credit card processing. Choose services that make your business run smoothly while saving you money.

Why you should use Payments Doctors

Your business is to make money, our business is to help you accept credit cards and save money while doing so.

Dual Pricing

The way to have happy customers and get rid of 90% of your processing fees Tiered Pricing (NEVER RECOMMENDED) Flat Pricing always the same percentage ALWAYS.

Traditional (Interchange Plus)

  • Perfect for start-ups and businesses processing





  • Complete E-Commerce Solution
  • Internet Payment Gateway
  • Virtual POS
  • Can be used with any device with internet connection.

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Deal only with an owner not a representative

Why is it better to deal with an owner rather than a representative?

Dealing with an owner can often be more efficient because they are usually more invested in the business and have more decision-making authority. They can often make decisions on the spot and are more likely to be able to address any issues or concerns that may arise. Additionally, an owner may have a better understanding of the business and its operations. However, representatives usually get an upfront bonus because of a 3-year contract. We only get paid if we do the job for you, the same as one of your employees.


  • Cost Plus Pricing (True wholesale interchange)
  • Dual Pricing
  • Flat Pricing (Always the same percentage)
  • E. Cash Discount (Done with the only patented platform)

We operate our services all over

We support and provide a wide variety of payment systems so you will never have to worry about accepting credit card payments. We provide processing for businesses of all sizes and types which include in-store, online, or a combination of both.

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Simply call the toll free number or email















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